Monday, April 18, 2011


Drew's drunk. Like, singing drunk. I just got a call from him looking for a lift back from the bar he's at all of three doors down from the hotel we're staying in, which I guess means he's also stupid drunk. He also thinks he's successfully hung up the phone because I can still hear him leading whoever the hell he's drinking with in song now that he's realized he's practically next door and thinks I'm no longer listening.

It's about the blogs, I think. Actually, it's so damn morbid it can't be about anything but the blogs, which I guess is why nobody else knows the words and is just kind of slurring along with him in the background. Here's the current verse as it comes through the speaker -

Michael's cut his own face off
The jester's noose draws tight
(Something about 'zerosage' I didn't quite get)
To stalk us in the night

Anyway. I have no idea who Michael is, but then I don't read every blog Drew follows and I'm not all that up to date on all of them as it is. But I'm heading off on a tangent there and I've decided I don't really want to complain as much as I did when he first called. It's more funny than annoying now. So on that note, I think I'm going to go get him before he uses up all of his credit or sings something stupid that sounds enough like an insult to start a fight with somebody he didn't even know was listening.

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