Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Your brother's password was his middle name

And you're honestly going to tell me you didn't think to guess that!? What the fuck did you do to my Andy, Benjamin? Is he tied up? Did he try to kill you? Did you just abandon him and steal his phone? Fucking tell me! If you hurt him, I swear to He Himself I'll send The Faceless God after you for the rest of your life. He likes me, did you know? Every time He visits He tells me that, that He likes me. So don't think I won't. And why the fuck won't you take my calls, huh!? You go and tell everybody you want to talk to me and then you just never pick up. You fucking coward. Talk to me! I know you're on here. I waited until I saw you post, so don't you fucking try and pretend you haven't seen this the moment it pops up.

All we wanted was Andy back. I needed his help looking after all the people. I can't do his job without him. The Minister gets so mad sometimes, when I forget things. I just need some help Ben. Why'd you have to hurt Andy?


  1. Fuck you. If you're supposed to be his girlfriend then you think you could respect his privacy.

  2. Answer me! What did you do to him?

  3. Nothing. And that's what scares you the most, isn't it? As you sit there refreshing the page while you so desperately wait for me to reply, that's what terrifies you. As you hold your phone in your hand, hoping against hope that he'll call, that's what you're too afraid to face.

    Because you know who got to him, and you're afraid he might come back different and forget you, or never come back at all.

  4. It's been a while, guys. To say that I'm getting worried would be a lie; I was getting worried a month ago. Now I'm sufficiently worried.

    I'm not sure if you'll see this, but I just want to say... Jeeze, it sounds silly, doesn't it? Under these circumstances.

    Stay safe. Please be safe.

    - Red

  5. Same here. :< Ben, what happened to you? Andrew? Please come back, both of you...

  6. Please, tell me you guys are still alive...

  7. Andrew, I'm refusing to admit that you're dead (and I guess you as well, Ben, although I'll admit that I can't quite empathize with your situation as well as I can' Andrew's).

    It's been long enough that I think I'm going to list you under "believed dead." But I'm not personally going to believe it until I get some sort of confirmation.

    Prove me wrong. Please.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-