Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Frankly, it figures

Maybe it's all true, everything I've heard. Maybe Redlight was the sinful son of Adam. And also the anonymous nobody who first encountered the Slender Man, aeons ago. Maybe he did build the temple to Him, wherever it lies forgotten. Hell, every story I've ever heard about him was probably true, once, for one of him.  It's a troubling thought. If there is a game he's playing and it involves Him, then we're all fucked. All of us. The Touched are like a lifeline of normality for Him. With them hanging from His Tree, he can kind of understand how people think, and he isn't so disgusted by us, so angry and violent. They keep Him watching, learning and growing. Without us, all He is, is wrong, and all He can do is what He does best.

And if Redlight goes, a lot of my former colleagues might go with Him. It's obvious enough that anybody with enough of themselves left to want out would have the best chance then, and losing Redlight might weaken Him enough - temporarily, that is - that they'd be able to break free.

I don't like it. Redlight's playing a game that's most probably going to end with everybody you've every talked about Him to dead. You can't game Him. He doesn't understand the rules of the world like we do. And He's been in enough heads to understand betrayal and it's appropriate response.

On a much, much brighter note, I think we've been here too long. It's a middle of nowhere town halfway between another two middle of nowhere towns, but it has free internet in the hotel and I can't bring myself to leave. So we're going tomorrow, whether I want to or not. I can feel whatever's coming getting closer and nothing good is going to happen once it gets here.

Or maybe Robert's just crazy.


  1. I am beginning to lean towards the latter. Did you see his latest post? Evidently, there is no single "redlight." It's a title, not a name.

    I don't know. Part of me is really wishing that i wasn't the only one willing to sacrifice him to martyrdom. Because he's pretty clearly batshit right now. I preferred when we had him as a tragic fallen hero to someone who's proven only that we can't trust anything he says.

    God, I hope he doesn't find this. He's already upset about that whole "martyr" thing....

  2. Frankly, he's not allowed to be upset. He built the core theory, and the core theory practically requires a (Martyr).

    What's more, he's perfect for it.

    And yes, it is an unfortunate developments that he no longer exists as a symbol of hope and inspiration, but rather one of despair. All he is now is proof we can't handle facing this thing without collapsing.

    I did see his post. This post is 99% in response to it, really, since it actually explains why there's so much conflicting information about Redlight in the rank and file of the Touched.

    I kind of want to call around in the hope news of my defection hasn't spread and see if there's one in Australia.

    There's room to work with him there, I'm sure. He and I would certainly have information and skills each of us would find useful.

  3. Huh. I just realized I'm still referring to Redlight in the singular.

  4. Be careful. Part of me wants to be relieved that the past few days seem to have been calm and harmless for you, but part of me can't shake the feeling that it's the calm before the storm (does this exist in English?). So when you leave, leave carefully.

    I wouldn't want such a brilliant poetrist and his marvellous twin brother get into serious trouble just after they escaped it. :3

    Also: Hoso and Andrew, sitting on a tree... *sings*

  5. I'm going to make Ben pay for this, you know.

    Not to mention how much it'd probably creep her out if she discovered you all teasing me about her.

    I like her music and I guess I can identify with how she's apparently been feeling lately. But I haven't even met the girl.

    And yes, you're probably right about the calm before the storm. It's how these things happen, generally. Once we slip up and whoever may or may not be chasing us finds us, I don't exactly like our chances.

    Well, I don't exactly like mine. I'm not so sure about Ben.

  6. "I'm going to make Ben pay for this, you know."
    I call wifin'. Charge him twenny dollaz! XD

    And it's very, very cute how every word you speak about her just confirms that you might have a little crush on her. :3 You said that you're a good poetrist, why don't you write a song for her?

    You know... totally platonical and stuff. Just to inspire her and cheer her up. Yes? Yes?
    And Ben, regarding the sappy poetry you were speaking of: Pics or it didn't happen! ;P

    About your chances: I don't know. As long as you both don't get obsessed with the thought that you have to protect your respective brother under any circumstances and hold him out of as many situations as possible, you probably have increased chances of holding yourself against your former Boss. Because if you work together and stay honest towards each other, even if that might from time to time see as if it increases the danger for one of you - then you can be more effective together. He knows you a bit now and He knows that you love each other. So that's the lever He or whoever is working for Him will pull when He wants one of you. Or even you both. So... don't try to protect each other too hard. It won't work since both of you are too stubborn to leave the other one hanging anyway.

    x.x I'm sorry if I sound like a wise guy... Uhm... Look! A handy distracion! *sneaks out*

  7. I'm not quite what you'd call a good poet. Most of what I write is just angst filled cookie-cutter clich├ęs about girls I'll never have. And I refuse to post any of it here, because ugh.

    And you're probably right. I've been doing my best to impress the importance of not sacrificing himself onto Ben, but you never know about these things. There's always somewhere He grows, and if it's not there it'll be somewhere else eventually.

    But thank you for the words of warning and advice. Trust that I have already taken them to heart.

  8. You'll have to forgive my dear brother for being a bit snappy. He was apparently in a mood last night.

  9. S'okay. I'm happy that you value my advice that much, Andrew.