Saturday, February 19, 2011

Really Roughly Read Roadsigns

I can do alliteration too!

Drew's too superior to write it out explicitly, and he really doesn't approve of me mocking him (that's the title) or his old employer's more trusted subordinates (that's the content), but I have to say it.

When all this whitetext business turns south and Redlight turns out to be playing us all again, I so called it. Just saying.

Oh, and for the darling Broeckchen (I swear Drew actually called you that once and I'm so totally going to get in trouble for saying that), I spent most of my time in Europe proper on a bus tour driving through forest after forest and mountain after mountain, and I'm certain something was watching me for parts of it in that perfectly stereotypical, wonderfully creepy way. Germany was hauntingly beautiful with all the bare trees and the snow, but I just know I was being watched and that kind of ruined it. I don't think it's particularly hard to guess who was doing the watching, but I didn't see anything without a face. Just a whole lot of unpleasantness, you know?


  1. Ben. I'd like you to shut up now. Please.

    Let me put this a bit more nicely. I'm fine with Andrew calling her the "darling Broeckchen," but only because I trust he's not particularly serious. Don't read anything into a relationship between him and Broeckchen. I'm the Andrew she's with.

    And please, don't talk about Him in regards to Germany. If there's any weight to the Tulpa Effect, talk about Germany will draw him there, and I'd much rather he come after me than her.

    Nothing against you, Benny boy. Just a subject I'm a bit touchy on.


  2. Aw, Darling? That's so charming. :3 [Insert witty and cute incentive for you to use that as a future nickname for me here]

    (And hey, no matter what Andrew thinks, at least *your* words can all be found in the dictionary!)
    Thank you for telling. I hope it wasn't what you think it was, though. When I was a child, I often played outside when I was at my grandmother's, and I can remember that I didn't like to be within the forest, but felt comfortable near it. Whenever I went into one, I first felt amazed by the beauty of the trees, and then I suddenly panicked and bolted out again. So it might just be the general effect of those forests, maybe even something entirely else. After all, I never heard of any missing person incidents. So it was just... irrational fear.

  3. Also, since I just saw your comment, Andy. Please let me say one thing about this:


    (And don't panic*, I'm sure Andrew was either just joking or had a little moment of weakness in which he was overtaken by my Broeckchenness.)

  4. Now that I think about it, the Old World's forests wouldn't need Him to be foreboding. They have enough of their ancientness to do that for themselves.

    Also Andy, Ben apologises for skipping over the comments and missing your request to avoid mention of Germany. I gave him 'the look' (and explained) when he read out your comment yesterday, so trust that he's been sufficiently punished for his infractions.

    Also I'm going to go kill him because he only read out half of it. So yes, I wasn't being particularly serious, which is nice because otherwise this whole thing would be horrifyingly embarrassing.

  5. Oh no! Everything but *TEH LOOK*! *chuckles*

  6. Drew is a lying liar who lies. He's so totally got it in for you Broeckchen. You're second only to the Minstrel in his heart, and he writes sappy poetry for you, stares out the window a lot and laments being unable to see you in person constantly. He's also taken to dancing spontaneously and smiling weirdly whenever I mention you.

  7. "He's also taken to dancing spontaneously and smiling weirdly whenever I mention you."

    *imagines Andrew breaking in singing and dancing routine to "Singing in the Rain" right in front of you*
    I always had a thing for Musicals, you know? ^____^
    Ohgod. I know that you're joking and all, but I honestly feel overwhelmed by how nice people are towards and seem to think about me. Now I've got something stuck in my eyes again. *totally not crying because of Maduins audiolog and the warm, fuzzy cyootness in here*

  8. Well, it looks like there's a bit of a love triangle going on here. Hehehe....

    Oh, Ben. Andrew should recognize me, but I'm not sure I've introduced myself. I'm Jekyll. You can read my blog if you'd like to find out more about me. Or you can just ignore me completely. Either one's fine.

  9. I... Ben, that's not even convincing. And my poetry isn't sappy, not that I've written anything for Breockchen.

    Really, if you'd wanted to be convincing, subtlety probably would've served you better. Personally, I would've stuck with the just smiling weirdly and maybe the lamenting, though it would've worked better as just an occassional thing.

    You can see why I'm the writer here, and besides, I don't sing.

    And her name is Hoso.