Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alright then

I can't say an awful lot, because James knows people who know the address of where we're staying at the moment and I'm not sure if he's still alive or if he's told somebody about the blog, but suffice to say I discovered some things yesterday that basically give us a week as of my arrival before we have to be out of here. To keep it simple I figure we'll be leaving Saturday night or the very first moment I see something I don't like. Fortunately my nocturnal habits have been paying off since Ben used to get up every morning at five for a jog. Insanity like that is inexcusable since there really shouldn't be a five in the morning, but it makes sleeping in shifts really, really easy since we're practically pre-programmed for it.

I'll tell you all about what happened once we've left.

Also all that worry about self-fulfilling prophecy was bullshit. "Ben is not safe anymore" was about right. I'll see if I can make Ben introduce himself tonight or tomorrow, but he's kind of absolutely terrified of making a blog becasue "whah, whah, whah posting makes it real like I'm admitting it or something whine, whine, whine. NO FACE!"

I might be taking the piss. But it is a whole lot more hilarious when you're here.


  1. Poor Ben. I can understand his feelings.

    But admitting you have a problem is the first step. *shot*

  2. It's good that you guys have a system that's working out. But I really gotta feel for Ben here, being thrown into all of this so suddenly.

    Stay safe, guys, and be careful.

    - Red

  3. Ben - You don't have to post here if you don't want to, but you WILL have to accept that what's happening is real. The sooner, the better if you want to survive.

    Andrew - Good to see you're holding up so well. Even better that you have a plan. Though it would certainly be awkward if you wind up fighting some of the colleagues you actually took care of.

    Stay safe and sane, both of you. Godspeed.