Thursday, February 3, 2011

You know what? Fuck this

Andrew's being dramatic again, trying to get a rise out of me. I'm not scared of posting because I'm having trouble admitting what's going on, I'm scared of posting because talking to all you guys is a risk. Andrew's been ranting all day and night about what things constitute risks and potential imprint patterns and opportunities for growth within subconscious desires and how to train my mind to reject any of the psycho-magic our mutual friend (Andrew won't let me say or type the name) works while he's trying to get into your head.

I'm worried enough with what went on (that I'm not allowed to tell you about until we leave Saturday night) being one of Drew's risk factors as it is to start integrating myself with 'the community that identifies as sighted', to quote my brother. He thinks being part of the group that calls themselves his victims/stalkees makes you more susceptible to 'psychological attack'. He's got one crackpot theory about 'Narrative Causality' that says the only reason all this stuff happened was because he made the blog and started talking about himself, but that can't be helped either way so I'm mostly just trying to minimize all the risks he's talking about so he'll get off my back. Also I might be a little scared of possibly opening up my mind further.

So sue me. I don't want to become one of Drew's 'colleagues', so I'm probably not going to post often, lest I give the 'subconscious plot being enforced by his memetic nature' an oppourtunity to turn me into a SupErCoolWRITingHALlowedDUde.

That doesn't spell anything, by the way. And if you want all those "The This", "The That" labels Drew, do it yourself. I can't be bothered. And I saw what you did to my about me section. Glad to see your 'job' didn't force you to grow up any.

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