Friday, March 4, 2011

Going Home

I tell you, I am so sick of driving.

Tomorrow's the day we'll get to Mum's old place, and we'd be there tonight if I had it in me to flagellate myself for anther couple of hours. I'm not sure if he plans to find anything or is just using it as a convenient place to head towards while we run, but Drew seems kinda happy we're headed there. I'll be honest in saying I guess I am too, a little bit. Home with Mum was home, way back when. I never really got used to living with Dad, and it all kind of fell apart without all three of us there. Which worked out well in the end, I guess, since I don't have to explain where I've disappeared to.

I'm still finding it hard to sleep, though, and it doesn't help that we've basically swapped shifts at the moment. I should be sleeping early and staying up late, but I just never feel tired anymore and Drew always drifts off before me. The worst part is of course that if we stay here he'll end up falling asleep right in the middle of a LAN cafe on one of the couches and I'll have to sit right next to him all night or risk losing my plug in the router.

Grumble grumble.


  1. Poor Baby. *chuckles*
    It's always nice to hear from you two and to know that you're fine. I just hope no one of Andrews former colleagues knows where your mother lived before.

  2. We have a plan for that. Or I do. Hell, I have a plan for everything, even a rather creative one for a possible Labyrinth experience. But more on that this evening, after we get back to or find a new hotel.

  3. Ah, a labyrinth! How delightfully intriguing! I must warn you, dearest Andrew, that labyrinths tend to be particularly tricky. After all, they don't call them labyrinths for no reason. I wish you the best, and I hope you are better prepared to deal with one than I am.

    Admittedly, part of me really does hope that it brings you back to your senses, though.