Sunday, March 20, 2011

New hotel, New game

"Which means there's a reason a bunch of super-powered freaks are running around and it's not because He needs them."

That reason is He is smarter than we are. We're supposed to be the ones weaving the stories, melting the facts of reality into something more palatable over time, and instead He's the one really pulling the strings, keeping us occupied elsewhere while He works whatever game He's working uninterrupted. Is Redlight's supposed rebellion just another part of His plan? Did Zero sacrifice himself because He wished it so, before the Sage of Nothing became a real threat? How far does the deception go, and are we living a lie right now, just one layer higher in a ring of false worlds?

Dear god I sound pretentious. I think I'm going to go hit my brother in the back of his head with a pillow, just so I can stop taking myself so seriously for a moment. Oh, and this one has free internet!


  1. Pillow Fight = Always a good idea.

    Also, towels make exceptionally good weapons as well. Especially when they're wet. One definitely should slap Redlight with a wet towel once, and best in a place that looks humiliatingly embarassing when its' wet.

    Did you read the news on Reachs blog though?

  2. The revelation that we've all been chasing Revenants around in circles to no end? Because yeah, I did.

    I always knew there was something off about them.

  3. Yes that. Thank you Blogger for letting me comment again (why do you hate me commenting on Andrews blog, huh?).

    In other news: Did you ever realise that "Walking the Hallowed Halls" perfectly matches the melody of the refrain of "Knocking on Heavens Door"?
    I'll never get that out of my head again and maybe you can kill time now by rephrasing "Knocking on Heavens Door" into a song about your blog... *tries to cheer you up*

    How are you two, anyway?

  4. Alive and bored. And I can't say I ever got into Guns and Roses.

  5. Free internet is always nice, isn't it? Shame I didn't have it frequently enough on my trip to get around to this stuff until now.

    Also, I see that M commented on your blog. Congratulations, man. That's quite an honor. And frankly, I'm of the opinion here that M's got good taste when it comes to things like this.


  6. Well, I don't know about America but fast food joints seem to pretty much always have wifi here for your internetting purposes.

    And yes, you are correct. M does have excellent taste, even if his blog is a little small time for the likes of me. </shenanigans>