Saturday, December 11, 2010


He came and ym head hurts. But I'm not crazy just drunk because that's how I deal with Him once he's all gone. DO you know I don't have to type him all capitals,  but sometimes I'm scared so I try to show respect and my head doesn't hurt as much. Bet you all think I',m crazy but I'm not. Just drunk. Hehehehe big joke what If I'm Touched and I'm just pretending to be sane did ytou think of that. ALL A Joke. OI bought Fable III a while back and it's good, so I really hope they don't cut the power out because I have nothing else to do during the day when I can't sleep.

Did you know Hehehehe corrects to Scheherazade, as the first option. I have no idea what Scheherazade means. I googled it and she was a Persian queen. The persian king was a total player marrying a new virgin everyday and then killing her but she tricked him by telling stories to her sister which he would overhear and then she'd not finish them before dawn, so the king would wait until the next day to kill her so he could hear the end of the story. After a thousand stories she ran out but he'd fallen in love with her, so he let her live. That story gets a happy ending, but mine never will. One day I'll wake up dead in a ditch because HE'S angry with me or just get stabbed by some jerk Heretic.

I was sure someone would accuse me fo being a lier, but all I get is polite thanks from my new buddy Mar and all these messages from Seeker. I get enough of that at work, buddy, so knock it off. You guys are awesome. It's like I only need two people to get a whole crosssection of the Slenderblogs. Everyone being nice and talking in code. Now all I need is somebody to be angry at me for doing something wrong and then we've got the trifecta.

He dopesn't care I'm writing a blog but If I say something He doesn't want you all to know then I'll get impaled or worse. I laughed so loud when I read that, Mar, you're a funny dude. Impaled or wors.e I've hung from His tree for days for my insolence and you're all 'impaled or worse'. HEhehe. You don't even know what that means, because most fo you probably don't even see him. He pays me visits once a week or once a month somewhere like that and I can deal with it. It took me so long to write week. I wrote weel like sixteen times, and I saw that thread on 4chan so I had to get it right before you all posted images making fun of me.

The girl behind the counter looks bored, and she looks like she knows I'm drunk. Maybe I'll offer her some of my Vodka and see where it leads. GOd knows I've spent enough nights alone. Next time wben I 'm sober I'll explain why that might chagne but isn't going to. He dropped off a redhead nad I like redheads and she's about my age so maybe you never know. In case you didn't notice I'm a coward when He's around and just in general, soi like I'm going to ask her out. What would I say? Hey, you want to go see a movie inbetween killing Heretics and mumbling inchorently about how HE SEES YOU?

Not fucking likely. I'm getting an appraising look from the MCcafe chick, like she wishes she could get durnk from me. I'm gonna go now. She kinda looks like a guy I dated once or maybe like his sister would look like, since she's a girl, so maybe I can try the same lines and itll be like Dejavu.


  1. I'm sorry if I offended you. You're right, I probably don't understand what that means, not fully. But I can see that the "worse" part extends past anything documented by now.

    You're not really giving off any 'insane' vibes. Just intoxicated, as you've said. Still, please hold it together, Andrew. Your mind is the most important thing you have, and you have shown incredible resilience so far and I'd hate to see anyone lose that.

    As for the trifecta, it's only a matter of time until someone links this blog to M or Zeke, and you'll have your anger bit. Hopefully they'll be civil, at least.

    Seeker has contacted you again? I only saw one message from the guy, on your previous entry. Has he said anything that you can decipher?

  2. Well, this isn't super awkward. Sorry about the drunk accusations and ramblings. I'm half a mind to delete the post, but I kinda resolved to be as brutally honest about my situation as I could, and I don't want to start editing myself, because that's kind of a slippery slope to be on.

    And there's no need to apologise, Mar. If anything, I should. I quite appreciated your comments, which I think is what I attempted to say somewhere in there which somehow collapsed into berating you.

    And it would be awesome if M showed up on my Blog - hell, I'd be flattered if someone so well known on the circuit (can I call it a circuit?) showed up on my blog. If I wouldn't get beaten up for saying it I might even call M a hero of mine (thankfully, none of my colleagues particularly care about the Internet, so I probably wont be).

    And no, Seeker hasn't contacted me with any more cryptic messages. That was mostly just me being drunk. >.>