Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not a lot of time, all is well

So travelling with two insane cultists isn't all that fun, but I will have a nice little story or two for you all if we're lucky enough to stop somewhere that has Internet long enough for me to write something substantial up. Also, I've gotten my hands on a proper camera (it's one of the nice little stories I'll have for you all), so you might all be lucky enough to get photographs of anything I figure is important in the future. Though you will all have to deal with a lack of fingers in the shots. Sorry to dissapoint anyone.


  1. Darn, I was very much looking forward to seeing your fingers again. I guess I'll have to make do with the previous shots.

    I don't suppose we'll be seeing any photos that give away where exactly you are (although I doubt I'd be able to tell anyway; last time I travelled around the country was when I was 8 years old). Still, I look forward to seeing what exactly you've been doing.

    As always, stay safe.

    - Red

  2. Great to see that you're still okay, Andrew! And with a nifty new camera, too.

    Stay safe and sane. We'll be waiting. :)

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  4. I'm only wishing that your stories are as nice as you say for you and the other people in them. Maybe by traveling you will become safer, though I doubt it since He's told you to. Try to be safe and not hurt yourself or others.

    And how can you not include finger pictures? I live for those! Haha

    - M

  5. Oh noes, the lack of fingers!

    Why? Why do you leave us all captivated in this burning agony which is not seeing your fingers again?
    Tell right pinky finger I love him though. I always will.

    Take care, all of you.