Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ben's in his room, freaking the fuck out

Lots of swear words and "That is not allowed!" And, of course, "No face! Where the hell is his face!?"

On the plus side, he let me make him a contributor to the blog.

Edit: And I changed all your passwords Ben, since Andrew is about as stupid as Benjamin was for me, way back when. I also got you a nice little display pic that fits with my theme, because I'm OCD like that. Remind me to let you know what your password is, otherwise I'm going to forget.


  1. Well, it IS a lot to process. How did exactly you prove His existence to Ben, anyway? Please tell me you didn't try to use the Operator Symbol again.

    I'm sure it'll get easier with time though, Ben. You'll both probably need to start running though.

  2. To be fair, I think I would freak out too, if I had to learn about Him in...just about any way than the how I did.

  3. Hot damn!

    Hey, Ben. I'm the other Andrew, so be sure to call me Andy so we don't get me and your brother confused. Welcome aboard, and we're sorry you've gotten roped into all this shit.

    Anyway, Andrew, what's up with the tic-tac-toe theme? You know what symbol an X and an O form. And how well that worked out the last time you used it.


  4. We all have our insane compulsions to comply with.

    Besides, it was hard enough taking down the display picture as it was, I didn't want to stretch the boundaries too far too fast. It's not only too many Operator Symbols he finds to be a challenge, especially in the case of somebody like me where they have something of an opposite effect.

    Plus I just really like tic-tac-toe.

  5. Man this is going to get confusing. Just for the record, Drew's name in twin is Andi so if you see that I'm referring to him. Otherwise yeah, I'll just call you Andy. Nice to meet you, I guess.

    Oh, and everybody forgive my brother if he keeps posting tonight. He's kind of celebrating having his brother back, if you know what I mean.

  6. What he means is we're both getting drunk off our asses tonight and somebody has no say in that.

  7. Heh. Good luck with the hangover.

  8. Goodness me.

    Good luck to both of you, seriously. I hope things get better from here on out.

    - Red