Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thank Heisenberg

So I'm stationary at the moment, staying in a hotel 'somewhere' with the boys (that's James and the sidekick he insisted on bringing). We're a little busy so I've not had time to write anything up and I'm not sure how much I'll get done at the moment, but I'm giving it a shot while I can. I'll not be telling you where I am, because that would make my blog title redundant and we really can't have that. :P

I can't tell you how happy I am to be in a hotel at the moment. I'm about fed up with sleeping on trains and breaking into the homes of vacationing families for shelter. Which is incidentally how I got my camera. Sleeping on trains, that is, not breaking and entering. We try our best to leave no evidence of our presence wherever we stay to keep the cops from looking into anything, and that means sleeping on the couch or the floor and not stealing, amongst other things. I'm told somebody left their handbag on the train and that Sidekick (that's how I'll be referring to the third member of my travelling party for the duration of our travelling) was only trying to be helpful when he took it, but I was asleep for the whole thing so I can't really comment. I'd guess he just stole it, but then James has never been one for lying about crimes he or our associates have committed against the Blind.

Regardless, I now own a pretty damn good digital camera, and a new cord to charge it from my laptop only cost me twenty bucks. So that covers Acquisitions, and being that Sidekick was nice enough to do my job for me on this occasion I kind of got that day off. Insofar as Administration goes, there's been about a million and one petty little squabbles that I'm sure everybody experiences while travelling, so I'll not bore you all with tales of choosing where to eat and feeling paranoid every time a cop drives past. Actually, that only happened twice, so I'm not sure it really warrants an 'every time'.

News for the new year (sorry if this all seems a little disjointed, I'm kind of doing more than one thing at a time here) is that my brother's on a trip to Europe, doing some European whirl tour or something. He only saw fit to inform me he's spent the new year in London the day after it happened, though, so I'm a little worried that he's no longer keeping me up to date with everything he does. I'm not sure if he's just grown bored of telling me everything he does or if there's some other influence here making him decide to tell me less, but it really worries me that he just didn't bother telling me. It would be just like the boss to somehow stop my brother sending emails before He makes a move, or it could just be that Ben's given up on my still being alive, despite being so sure he'd know if I'd died.

I'm worried. My brother's off on the other side of the world and he didn't even bother telling me. This is so obviously the time for everything to go to hell. I'm going to skip the subterfuge for a moment and just say it outright, because as long as I don't explicitly state what may be happening then I'm pretty sure He wont notice. James was so sure there would be an opportunity that would be perfect, and right now I'm in a situation that is precisely the opposite. I'm terrified tomorrow I'm going to wake up and there won't be an email from my brother, but I'm also terrified that there will be, and it won't be about how cold but awesome London apparently is.

Man, this is so not how my blog post was going to go. I was planning on writing about the two Touched we've been meeting with yesterday and today in the city, writing up their profile like I said I would. They're nice guys once you look past this whole mess. They're part of the lucky few, living the whole double life thing. They've got jobs and everything. It's steady enough for them that they've given me about two thousand dollars for the bank account, which is great because it's been slowly ticking down towards nothing lately and a nice boost like this is exactly what I needed to keep everyone fed for the next few months. I think it's only the two of them in the whole city, too, which is a bit different to back home with the six of us. They're certain it's only them living permanently (which is not something I can say with certainty about our little clan) but they do get more colleagues passing through than I do.

Anyway, this was going to go on, but I kind of need to go. James wants to go out tonight to try and find a passer-by our two new friends mentioned visited them a few days ago who apparently sleeps on the trains, and he's getting antsy that I'm taking up valuable search time.


  1. I'm sorry about Ben. That he suddenly ceased writing like he normally does is worrying. But you haven't heard anything that may imply some real harm yet? Perhaps, to try and be optimistic, your Boss is merely eliminating a distraction, so to speak? One less thing to think about while you do whatever your trip is for. Not a pleasant idea, but better that your brother becoming a target.

    Good luck on your trip. Stay safe and sane. I hope your brother is okay.

  2. Thanks man. I guess you're right about there being no indications of real harm. I dunno. I might be reading more into it than there is, I might not be, but I just have a bad feeling about all of this. Still, keep calm and carry on seems to be the best response at the moment, since there's no evidence to substantiate my worry.

    Oh, and we found crazy train guy, if anybody's interested. James just kind of knew which trains to take, though it did take a while.

    He was in pretty bad shape when we did find him holed up in a station bathroom. He was pretty shabby and obviously paranoid, which made the fact we were standing in between him and the door kind of awkward. I thought he wanted to attack us at first, but he calmed down when Sidekick stepped up and started a staring contest with him. I don't know what they were doing just staring at each other, but James seemed satisfied after about half an hour of it, because he kind of nodded and told Sidekick that we were "done here" and marched onto the next train back to the hotel (which was good timing, because it was the last one back for the night).

    So a productive evening, I guess.

    Anyway, it's late now and I needs me sleeps, so I'm off to bed. Thanks for the well wishes, Mar, and I hope so too.

  3. Sleeping on trains and shit always sucks, but they're pretty safe and warm here. Be safe and try not to do anything too bad. And about your brother, if you're still hearing from him don't worry too much. It will just be worse if it does.

    - M

  4. I'm with Mar and M on this one, Andrew; Ben hasn't given you any indication that he's in harm's way, so it would be much healthier not to waste all your energy on worrying about him. Although it's distressing that he's not emailing as much, it may just be because he's traveling. Stay positive.

    I'm glad nobody got hurt while you were finding your Crazy Train Guy.

    Stay safe.

    - Red

  5. Grr. Now you're all making me sound like a whiny and neurotic control freak. D:

    Though I will admit I didn't think of the whole probably can't email as often because he's travelling thing. I guess it's possible I overreacted. Not that I'm saying I did, mind you! And I may or may not be feeling a little silly about most definitely not overreacting. :P

    So thanks guys. I'm a little less worried now.

  6. I can see why you worry so much. Ben seemingly means a very lot to you.

    But apart from the possibilities to talked about there could be one more: Maybe he's beginning to give up on thinking you care for him.
    Anyway, in Europe he's probably much safer than in Australia. Great Britain might bear it's risks, but in Germany almost no one knows about Him and in France and Russia they prefer German and their own culture above foreign (*cough*american*cough*) stories. Up until now I never heard of victims from Europe (sans GB) since He came back. So try to calm down yourself a bit - if your brother was in London first and travels around in Europe, he is probably in the safest place possible for him.

  7. Ben means everything to me, being that he's the only part of my life that I still know exists and cares for me. We were practically the same person in two bodies, once and I would see the whole world turned to dust if it would make him safe and keep him happy.

    I mean, I'm happily caring for insane cultists that spend most of their time planning to brainwash or kill people simply because it's keeping him safe, if that's any indication of how much I'd do for him.

    And thanks for pointing it all out, in regards to Him and Europe. Hearing it from somebody there is wonderfully reassuring.