Thursday, January 27, 2011

It worked

Sidekick's dead. There's a tree where his stomach used to be.

Not so sure about James - he wasn't too visibly hurt so he might have just been unconscious. Didn't check too hard for a pulse because I had to get out of there before He showed up.

By the way, crashed the car (if you missed that). I think I might've bruised 90% of my body and I can no longer turn my head to the left at will. Picked a car where I was the only one with an airbag and thought I was being smart making sure it didn't hit me in the nose. Not so much. Otherwise I'm more or less good.

Left the laptop in the bag with all our clothes to give it some bounce, so it's fine. I'll be seeing my brother soon. It should only take a few days on trains and such to get there.

Going now. They're closing soon anyway, but I'm being overly cautious for the moment and I already feel like I've been staying in one place too long. I'll sleep tomorrow morning on the train, I guess.

Can you believe I used to love the night, after I'd gotten over 'those terrible dreams' and before all this went down? It's almost funny now.


  1. Good Lord, that was risky as all hell! Even with an airbag it was never 100% certain that you'd walk away alright (not that you did, but still). Thank goodness you're mostly okay, but just remember that a stunt like that may not work so well next time. Hopefully you won't be put in a situation that involves a next time.

    Andrew, I sure as hell hope you know what you're doing, and if you don't... well, just be careful.

    Please stay safe.

    - Red

  2. Thank God nobody's in pursuit yet! But considering your situation before that, it's just great seeing you leave there. Oh, it's going to be wonderful when your brother sees you again!

    Just reminding you not to drop your guard regardless, even though I'm sure you already know not to. Seeing who's after you, there's no "too cautious".

    Stay safe and sane, Andrew. This is great, we're all rooting for you.

  3. First: you've got guts.

    Second: Good luck out there. Stay safe, all right? Like Mar said, we're all rooting for you.

    Third: You've got SERIOUS guts.


  4. Ughughughughugh!
    I don't know wether to be relieved about you still living or to be worried as hell about your near future.

    I didn't share that link with you earlier on because I only found out about it some days ago, but I've heard about another Touched on the run.
    Maybe you two could help each other. Right now, I want to be helpful so bad. D: So if you plan to flee to Germany - well, my door is open.

  5. If you Make it to America- and end up in MA- I'll help you however I can.

  6. New Jersey's gates are wide open too.

  7. Being in the same actual country, I could think of a few places to harbour you. You ever find yourself in Victoria, give me a shout.

    - Red

  8. Victoria you say? If I'm ever in your neck of the woods and need a place to stay, I just might hit you up, Red.